I am happy to provide high quality spinal care to regional patients. I currently consult in Dr Paul Jarman’s rooms opposite Nowra District Hospital and in Shellhabour.

Regional patients will be assessed in the same structured and precise fashion as city patients. In some instances I will ask that certain tests for instance EOS spinal scanning (full length spinal assessments ) be undertaken as this requires a trip to Sydney. When possible my staff will make this as efficient as possible, organising all tests for the same day so as to minimise trips. I have a good working relationship with the radiology centres such that regional patients will be offered same day appointments when multiple test are required.

If surgery is recommended I operate in Figtree Private and Nowra Private Hospitals. In some instances the complexity is such that a recommendation will be provided to have surgery in Sydney. If this is the case, my staff will assist to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Furthermore there is always the possibility to be transferred to a regional centre should rehabilitation be required